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National Hunt - Chase    
  Grand National Scottish Grand National Welsh Grand National Irish Grand National
  4 mile 4f Chase 4 mile 1f Chase 3 mile 5  1/2f Chase 3 mile 5f Chase
  Handicap Grade 3 Handicap Grade 3 Handicap Handicap
1960 Merryman II Fincham   Olympia  (IRL)
1961 Nicholas Silver Kingmont Willie   Fortria  (IRL)
1962 Kilmore Sham Flight   Kerforo  (IRL)
1963 Ayala Pappageno's Castle   Last Link  (IRL)
1964 Team Spirit Popham Down   Arkle  (IRL)
1965 Jay Trump Brasher   Splash  (IRL)
1966 Anglo African Patrol   Flyingbolt  (IRL)
1967 Foinavon The Fossa   Vulpine  (IRL)
1968 Red Alligator Arcturus   Herring Gull  (IRL)
1969 Highland Wedding Playlord   Sweet Dreams  (IRL)
1970 Gay Trip The Spaniard   Garoupe  (IRL)
1971 Specify Young Ash Leaf   King's Sprite  (IRL)
1972 Well To Do Quick Reply   Dim Wit  (IRL)
1973 Red Rum Esban   Tartan Ace  (IRL)
1974 Red Rum Red Rum   Colebridge  (IRL)
1975 L'Escargot  (IRL) Barona   Brown Lad  (IRL)
1976 Rag Trade Barona Rag Trade Brown Lad  (IRL)
1977 Red Rum Sebastian  V Billycan  (IRL)
1978 Lucius King Con Brown Lad  (IRL)
1979 Rubstic Fighting Fit Peter Scott Tied Cottage  (IRL)
1980 Ben Nevis Salkeld Narvik Daletta  (IRL)
1981 Aldaniti Astral Charmer Peaty Sandy Luska  (IRL)
1982 Grittar Cockle Strand Corbiere King Spruce  (IRL)
1983 Corbiere Canton Burrough Hill Lad Bit of a Skite  (IRL)
1984 Hello Dandy Androma Right Hand Man Bentom Boy
1985 Last Suspect Androma Run And Skip Rhyme 'n' Reason
1986 West Tip Hardy Lad Stearsby Insure  (IRL)
1987 Maori Venture Little Polveir Playschool Brittany Boy  (IRL)
1988 Rhyme 'n' Reason Mighty Mark Bonanza Boy Perris Valley
1989 Little Polveir Roll A Joint Bonanza Boy Maid of Money  (IRL)
1990 Mr. Frisk Four Trix Cool Ground Desert Orchid
1991 Seagram Killone Abbey Carvills Hill  (IRL) Omerta  (IRL)
1992 Party Politics Captain Dibble Run For Free Vanton  (IRL)
1993 Run For Free Riverside Boy Ebony Jane  (IRL)
1994 Minnehoma Earth Summit Master Oats Son of War  (IRL)
1995 Royal Athlete Willsford Flashing Steel
1996 Rough Quest Moorcroft Boy Feathered Gale  (IRL)
1997 Lord Gyllene Belmont King Earth Summit Mudahim
1998 Earth Summit Baronet Kendal Cavalier Bobbyjo  (IRL)
1999 Bobbyjo  (IRL) Young Kenny Edmond Glebe Lad  (IRL)
2000 Papillon  (IRL) Paris Pike Jocks Cross Commanche Court  (IRL)
2001 Red Marauder Gingembre Supreme Glory David's Lad  (IRL)
2002 Bindaree Take Control Mini Sensation The Bunny Boiler  (IRL)
2003 Monty's Pass  (IRL) Ryalux Bindaree Timbera  (IRL)
2004 Amberleigh House Grey Abbey Silver Birch Granit d'Estruval  (IRL)
2005 Hedgehunter  (IRL) Joe's Edge L'Aventure Numbersixvalverde  (IRL)
2006 Numbersixvalverde  (IRL) Run For Paddy Halcon Genelardais Point Barrow  (IRL)
2007 Silver Birch  (IRL) Hot Weld Miko de Beauchene Butler's Cabin
2008 Comply Or Die Iris de Balme Notre Pere  (IRL) Hear The Echo  (IRL)
2009 Mon Mome Hello Bud Dream Alliance Niche Market
2010 Don't Push It Merigo Synchronised Bluesea Cracker  (IRL)
2011 Ballabriggs Beshabar Le Beau Bai Organisedconfusion  (IRL)
2012 Neptune Collonges Merigo Monbeg Dude Rion Na Bearnai  (IRL)
2013 Auroras Encore Godsmejudge Mountainous Liberty Counsel  (IRL)
2014 Pineau De Re Al Co Emperor's Choice Shutthefrontdoor
2015 Many Clouds Wayward Prince Mountainous
Thunder And Roses  (IRL)
Rule The World  (IRL)
Native River
Rogue Angel  (IRL)
One For Arthur

Our Duke  (IRL)