Horse Racing - Flat  
Major Races  
  Coronation Cup King Edward VII Stakes Hardwicke Stakes Jockey Club Stakes
  3 - y - o +  ( 1 mile 4f) 3 - y - o +   ( 1 mile 4f ) 4 - y - o +  ( 1 mile 4f) 4 - y - o +  ( 1 mile 4f)
  Group 1 Group 2 Group 2 Group 2
1960 Petite Etoile  (FRA) Atrax  (FRA) Aggressor Prolific
1961 Petite Etoile  (FRA) Aurelius St. Paddy St. Paddy
1962 Dicta Drake Gaul Aurelius Gaul
1963 Exbury Only For Life Miralgo Darling Boy
1964 Relko  (FRA) Fighting Ship
1965 Oncidium Convamore Soderini Bal Masque
1966 I  Say Pretendre Prominer Alcalde
1967 Charlottown Mariner Salvo Acrania
1968 Royal Palace Connaught Hopeful Venture Crozier
1969 Park Top Vervain Park Top Torpid
1970 Caliban Great Wall Karabas Queen of Twilight
1971 Lupe Seafriend  (IRL) Ortis Meadowville
1972 Mill Reef Lord Nelson Selhurst Knockroe
1973 Roberto  (IRL) Klairvimy  (IRL) Rheingold Our Mirage
1974 Buoy English Prince Relay Race Relay Race
1975 Bustino Sea Anchor Charlie Bubbles Shebeen
1976 Quiet Fling Marquis De Sade Orange Bay Orange Bay
1977 Exceller Classic Example Meneval Oats
1978 Crow  (FRA) Ile de Bourbon Montcontour Classic Example
1979 Ile de Bourbon Ela-Mana-Mou Obraztvovy Obraztvovy
1980 Sea Chimes Light Cavalry Scorpio More Light
1981 Master Willie Bustomi Pelerin Master Willie
1982 Easter Sun Open Day Critique Ardross
1983 Be My Native Shareef Dancer Stanerra Electric
1984 Time Charter Head for Heights Khairpour Gay Lemur
1985 Rainbow Quest Lanfranco Jupiter Island Kirmann
1986 Saint Estephe Bonhomie Dihistan Phardante
1987 Triptych Love the Groom Orban Phardante
1988 Triptych Sheriff`s Star Almaarad Almaarad
1989 Sheriff's Star Cacoethes Assatis Unfuwain
1990 In the Wings Private Tender Assatis Roseate Tern
1991 In the Groove Saddler`s Hall Rock Hopper Rock Hopper
1992 Saddler's Hall Beyton Rock Hopper Sapience
1993 Opera House Beneficial Jeune Zinaad
1994 Apple Tree Foyer Bobzao Silver Wisp
1995 Sunshack Pentire Beauchamp Hero Only Royale
1996 Swain Amfortas Oscar Schindler  (IRL) Riyadian
1997 Singspiel Kingfisher Mill Prepaddio Time Allowed
1998 Silver Patriarch Royal Anthem Posidonas Romanov
1999 Daylami Mutafaweq Fruits of Love Silver Patriarch
2000 Daliapour Subtle Power Fruits of Love Blueprint
2001 Mutafaweq Storming Home Sandmason Millenary
2002 Boreal  (GER) Balakheri Zindabad Marienbard
2003 Warrsan High Accolade Indian Creek Warrsan
2004 Warrsan Five Dynasties  (IRL) Doyen Gamut
2005 Yeats  (IRL) Plea Bargain Bandari Alkaased
2006 Shirocco  (FRA) Papal Bull Maraahel Shirocco  (FRA)
2007 Scorpion  (IRL) Boscobel Maraahel Sixties Icon
2008 Soldier Of Fortune  (IRL) Campanologist Macarthur  (IRL) Getaway  (FRA)
2009 Ask Father Time Bronze Cannon Bronze Cannon
2010 Fame And Glory  (IRL) Monterosso Harbinger Jukebox Jury
2011 St Nicholas Abbey  (IRL) Nathaniel Await The Dawn  (IRL) Dandino
2012 St Nicholas Abbey  (IRL) Thomas Chippendale Sea Moon Al Kazeem
2013 St Nicholas Abbey  (IRL) Hillstar Thomas Chippendale Universal
2014 Cirrus Des Aigles  (FRA) Eagle Top Telescope Gospel Choir
2015 Pether's Moon Balios Snow Sky Second Step
Across The Stars
Highland Reel  (IRL)
Idaho  (IRL)
Seventh Heaven  (IRL)
Old Persian
Crystal Ocean
Japan  (IRL)