Horse Racing - Flat    
Major Races    
  Dewhurst Stakes Cheveley Park Stakes Middle Park Stakes Crookham / Mill Reef Stakes
  2 - y - o   ( 7f ) 2 - y - o   ( 6f ) 2 - y - o   ( 6f ) 2 - y - o   ( 6f )
  Group 1 Group 1 Group 1 Group 2
1960 Bounteous Opaline Skymaster Colour Blind
1961 River Chanter Display Gustav All A Gogg
1962 Follow Suit My Goodness Me Crocket My Mysostis
1963 King`s Lane Crimea Showdown Soderini
1964 Silly Season Night Off Spanish Express Audience
1965 Pretendre Berkeley Springs Track Spare Fontex
1966 Dart Board Fleet Bold Lad Karpathos
1967 Hametus Lalibela Petingo Hurry Hurry
1968 Ribofilio Mige Right Tack Full Dress II
1969 Nijinsky  (IRL) Humble Duty Huntercombe Hazy Idea
1970 Mill Reef Magic Flute Brigadier Gerard Revellaire
1971 Crowned Prince Waterloo Sharpen Up Alonso
1972 Lunchtime Jacinth Tudenham Mon Fils
1973 Cellini Gentle Thoughts Habat Habat
1974 Grundy Cry Of Truth Steel Heart Red Cross
1975 Wollow Pasty Hittite Glory Royal Boy
1976 The Minstrel  (IRL) Durtal Tachypous Anax
1977 Try My Best Sookera Formidable Formidable
1978 Tromos Devon Ditty Junius King of Spain
1979 Monteverdi Mrs Penny Known Fact Lord Seymour
1980 Storm Bird  (FRA) Marwell Mattaboy Sweet Monday
1981 Wind and Wuthering Woodstream Cajun Hays
1982 Diesis Ma Biche  (FRA) Diesis Salieri
1983 El Gran Senor Desirable Creag - An - Sgor Vacarme
1984 Kala Dancer Park Appeal Bassenthwaite Local Suitor
1985 Huntingdale Embla Stalker Luqman
1986 Ajdal Minstrella Mister Majestic Forest Flower
1987 Ravinella Gallic League Magic of Life
1988 Prince of Dance Pass The Peace Mon Tressor Russian Bond
1989 Dashing Blade Dead Certain Balla Cove Welney
1990 Generous Capricciosa Lycius Time Gentleman
1991 Dr. Devious Marling Rodrigo de Triano Showbrook
1992 Zafonic Sayyedati Zieten Forest Wind
1993 Grand Lodge Prophecy First Trump Polish Laughter
1994 Pennekamp  (FRA) Gay Gallanta Fard Princely Hush
1995 Alhaarth Blue Duster Royal Applause Kahir Almaydan
1996 In Command Pas de Response Bahamian Bounty Indian Rocket
1997 Xaar Embassy Hayil Arkadian Hero
1998 Mujahid Wannabe Grand Lujain Golden Silca
1999 Distant Music Seazun Primo Valentino Primo Valentino
2000 Tobourg Regal Rose Minardi Bouncing Bowdler
2001 Rock of Gibraltar  (IRL) Queen`s Logic Johannesburg Firebreak
2002 Tout Seul Airwave Oasis Dream Zafeen
2003 Milk It Mick Carry On Katie Balmont Byron
2004 Shamardal Magical Romance Ad Valorem  (IRL) Galeota
2005 Sir Percy Donna Blini Amadeus Wolf Cool Creek
2006 Teofilo  (IRL) Indian Ink Dutch Art Excellent Art
2007 New Approach  (IRL) Natagora  (FRA) Dark Angel Dark Angel
2008 Intense Focus  (IRL) Serious Attitude Bushranger  (IRL) Lord Shanakill
2009 Beethoven  (IRL) Special Duty  (FRA) Awzaan Awzaan
2010 Frankel Hooray Dream Ahead Temple Meads
2011 Parish Hall  (IRL) Lightening Pearl  (IRL) Crusade  (IRL) Caspar Netscher
2012 Dawn Approach  (IRL) Rosdhu Queen Reckless Abandon Moohaajim
2013 War Command  (IRL) Vorda  (FRA) Astaire Supplicant
2014 Belardo Tiggy Wiggy Charming Thought Toocoolforschool
Air Force Blue  (IRL)
Churchill  (IRL)
Brave Anna  (IRL)
The Last Lion
Harry Angel
US Navy Flag  (IRL)
Clemmie  (IRL)
US Navy Flag  (IRL)
James Garfield