Horse Racing      
National Hunt - Chase    
  Greenalls / Blue Square Gold Cup / Grand National Trial Whitbread / Bet365 Gold Cup Bishop Cleeve / Majordomo  Chase United House / Sodexo
Gold Cup
  3 mile 4f Chase 3  mile 5f Chase 3 mile 1f Chase 3 mile Chase
  Grade 3 Grade 3 Handicap Handicap
1960   Plummer`s Pain    
1961   Pas Seul    
1962   Frenchman`s Cove    
1963   Hoodwinked John O'Groats  
1964   Dormant  
1965   Arkle  (IRL) Phemius  
1966   What A Myth Bassnet  
1967   Mill House  
1968   Larbawn  
1969   Larbawn  
1970   Royal Toss The Dickler  
1971   Titus Oates Prairie Dog  
1972   Grey Sombrero Lavenshaw  
1973   Charlie Potheen Bruslee  
1974   The Dikler What A Buck  
1975   April Seventh Ribstic  
1976   Otter Way  
1977   Andy Pandy Zongalero  
1978   Strombolus Mighty Honour  (IRL)  
1979   Diamond Edge Jack Madness  
1980 Cavity Hunter Royal Mail Diamond Edge  
1981 Sunset Cristo Diamond Edge  
1982 Scot Lane Shady Deal Brown Chamberlin  
1983 Righthand Man Drumlargan Musso  
1984 Midnight Love Special Cargo Door Latch  
1985 Earl's Brig By The Way Run And Skip  
1986 Plundering I Haventalight  
1987 Lean Ar Aghaidh  
1988 Yahoo Desert Orchid Bucko  
1989 Eton Rouge Brown Windsor Royal Cedar  
1990 Rinus Mr. Frisk Master Bob  
1991 Twin Oaks Docklands Express Third In Line  
1992 Cool Ground Topsham Bay Duntree  
1993 Party Politics Topsham Bay Flashing Steel  (IRL)  
1994 Master Oats Ushers Island Whispering Steel  
1995 Nuaffe  (IRL) Cache Fleur Yorkshire Gale  
1996 Lo Stregone Life Of A Lord Yorkshire Gale  
1997 Suny Bay Harwell Lad Yorkshire Gale  
1998 Dom Samourai Call It A Day Tamarindo  
1999 Young Kenny Eulogy Star Traveller  
2000 The Last Fling Beau Marlborough  
2001 Frantic Tan Ad Hoc Royale De Vassy  
2002 Bounce Back Horus  
2003 Shotgun Willy Ad Hoc Kingscliff  
2004 Juracon Puntal Therealbandit  
2005 Forest Gunner Jack High  (IRL) Royal Auclair  
2006 Ossmoses Lacdoudal D'Argent See You Sometime
2007 Heltronic Hot Weld Over the Creek Harris Bay
2008 Miko de Beauchene Monkerhostin Mon Mome Roll Along
2009 Rambling Minster Hennessy The Package The Last Derby  (IRL)
2010 Silver By Nature Church Island  (IRL) Midnight Chase Massini's Maguire
2011 Silver By Nature Poker De Sivola Shaklakaboomboom Exmoor Ranger
2012 Giles Cross Tidal Bay Master Overseer Roberto Goldback
2013 Well Refreshed Quentin Collonges Monbeg Dude Houblon Des Obeaux
2014 Rigadin De Beauchene Hadrian's Approach Benbane Head What A Warrior
2015 Lie Forrit Just A Par Aachen
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