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National Hunt - Hurdles    
  David Nicholson Mares Hurdle Fighting Fifth Hurdle Scottish Champion Hurdle Labrokes Hurdle, Leopardstown
  2 mile 4  1/2 Hurdle 2 mile  Hurdle 2 mile Hurdle 2 mile Hurdle
  Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 1

1966     Blue Venom  
1967     Originator  
1968     Al Alawi  
1969   Mugatpura Mugatpura Normandy
1970   Inishmaan Easter Pirate Persian war
1971   Dondieu Dondieu Kelanne
1972   Comedy Of Errors Coral Diver Captain Christy
1973   Comedy Of Errors Captain Christy Comedy Of Errors
1974   Comedy Of Errors Santon Brie Comedy Of Errors
1975   Night Nurse Comedy Of Errors Night Nurse
1976   Bird's Nest Night Nurse Master Monday
1977   Bird's Nest Sea Pigeon Decent Fellow
1978   Sea Pigeon Sea Pigeon Chinrullah  (IRL)
1979   Bird's Nest Bird's Nest Irian  (IRL)
1980   Sea Pigeon Secret Ballot Carrig Willy  (IRL)
1981   Ekbalco Bird's Nest
1982   Donegal Prince Gay George For Auction  (IRL)
1983   Gaye Brief Royal Vulcan Fredcoteri  (IRL)
1984   Browne's Gazette Rushmoor Fredcoteri  (IRL)
1985   Out Of The Gloom Sailor's Dance Hansel Rag  (IRL)
1986   Tom Sharp River Ceiriog Bonalma  (IRL)
1987   Floyd Positive Barnbrook Again
1988   Floyd Pat's Jester Roark  (IRL)
1989   Kribensis Aldino Redundant Pal  (IRL)
1990   Beech Road Sayparee Redundant Pal  (IRL)
1991   Royal Derbi Precious Boy The Illiad  (IRL)
1992   Halkopous Granville Again How's The Boss  (IRL)
1993   Staunch Friend Glencloud  (IRL)
1994   Batabanoo Corrouge Atone  (IRL)
1995   Padre Mio Home Counties Anusha  (IRL)
1996   Space Trucker  (IRL) Alderbrook Dance Beat  (IRL)
1997   Star Rage Shadow Leader Master Tribe
1998   Dato Star Blowing Wind Graphic Equaliser  (IRL)
1999   Dato Star Fadalko Archive Footage  (IRL)
2000   Barton Mister Morose Mantles Prince  (IRL)
2001   Landing Light Ulundi Grinkov  (IRL)
2002   Intersky Falcon Milligan Adamant Approach  (IRL)
2003   The French Furze In Contrast Xenophon  (IRL)
2004   Harchibald  (IRL) Copeland Dromlease Express  (IRL)
2005   Arcalis Genghis Essex  (IRL)
2006   Straw Bear Noble Request Studmaster  (IRL)
2007   Harchibald  (IRL) Emmpat  (IRL) Spring The Cue  (IRL)
2008 Whiteoak Punjabi Border Castle Barker  (IRL)
2009 Quevega  (IRL) Go Native  (IRL) Noble Alan Penny's Bill  (IRL)
2010 Quevega  (IRL) Peddlers Cross Overturn Puyol  (IRL)
2011 Quevega  (IRL) Overturn Sanctuaire Final Approach  (IRL)
2012 Quevega  (IRL) Countrywide Flame Raya Star Citizen Approach  (IRL)
2013 Quevega  (IRL) My Tent Or Yours Court Minstrel Abbey Lane  (IRL)
2014 Quevega  (IRL) Irving Cockney Sparrow Gilgamboa  (IRL)
2015 Glens Melody  (IRL) Identity Theft  (IRL)
Cheltenian Katie T  (IRL)
Vroum Vroum Mag  (IRL)
Henry Higgins
Apple's Jade  (IRL)
Buveur D'Air
Ice Cold Soul  (IRL)
Benie Des Dieux  (IRL)
Buveur D'Air
Midnight Shadow
Off You Go  (IRL)
Cornerstone Lad
Verdana Blue
Off You Go  (IRL)