Skiing - Alpine  
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    Downhill   Super G  
1960 Olympics Vuarnet FRA  
1962 World Schranz AUT  
1964 Olympics Zimmerman AUT  
1966 World Killy FRA  
1967 World Cup Killy FRA  
1968 Olympics Killy FRA  
1968 World Cup Nenning AUT  
1969 World Cup Schranz AUT  
1970 World Russi SUI  
1970 World Cup Schranz AUT  
    Cordin AUT  
1971 World Cup Russi SUI  
1972 Olympics Russi SUI  
1972 World Cup Russi SUI  
1973 World Cup Collombin SUI  
1974 World Zwilling AUT  
1974 World Cup Collombin SUI  
1975 World Cup Klammer AUT  
1976 Olympics Klammer AUT  
1976 World Cup Klammer AUT  
1977 World Cup Klammer AUT  
1978 World Walcher AUT  
1978 World Cup Klammer AUT  
1979 World Cup Muller SUI  
1980 Olympics Stock AUT  
1980 World Cup Muller SUI  
1981 World Cup Weirather AUT  
1982 World Cup Muller SUI  
    Podborski CAN  
1982 World Weirather AUT  
1983 World Cup Klammer AUT  
1984 Olympics Johnson USA  
1984 World Cup Raber SUI  
1985 World Zurbriggen SUI  
1985 World Cup Hoflehner AUT    
1986 World Cup Wirnsberger AUT Wasmeier FDR
1987 World Muller SUI    
1987 World Cup Zurbriggen SUI Zurbriggen SUI
1988 Olympics Zurbriggen SUI Piccard FRA
1988 World Cup Zurbriggen SUI Zurbriggen SUI
1989 World Tauscher FDR Haugh SUI
1989 World Cup Girardelli LUX Zurbriggen SUI
1990 World Cup Hoeflener AUT Zurbriggen SUI
1991 World Heinzer SUI Eberharter AUT
1991 World Cup Heinzer SUI Heinzer SUI
1992 Olympics Heinzer SUI Accola SUI
1992 World Cup Ortlieb AUT Aamodt NOR
1993 World Lehman SUI    
1993 World Cup Heinzer SUI Aamodt NOR
1994 Olympics Moe USA Wasmeier GER
1994 World Cup Girardelli LUX Thorsen NOR
1995 World Cup Alphand FRA Runggaldier ITA
1996 World Ortlieb AUT Skadaal NOR
1996 World Cup Alphand FRA Skadaal NOR
1997 World Kermen AUT Skadaal NOR
1997 World Cup Alphand FRA Alphand FRA
1998 Olympics Cretier FRA Maier AUT
1998 World Cup Schifferer AUT Maier AUT
1999 World Maier AUT Maier AUT
        Kjus NOR
1999 World Cup Kjus NOR Maier AUT
2000 World Cup Maier AUT Maier AUT
2001 World Trinkl AUT Rahlves USA
2001 World Cup Maier AUT Maier AUT
2002 Olympics Strobl F. AUT Aamodt NOR
2002 World Cup Eberharter AUT Eberharter AUT
2003 World Walchhofer AUT Eberharter AUT
2003 World Cup Eberharter AUT Eberharter AUT
2004 World Cup Eberharter AUT Maier AUT
2005 World Miller USA Miller USA
2005 World Cup Walchhofer AUT Miller USA
2006 Olympics Deneriaz FRA Aamodt NOR
2006 World Cup Walchhofer AUT Svindal NOR
2007 World Svindal NOR Staudacher ITA
2007 World Cup Cuche SUI Miller USA
2008 World Cup Cuche SUI Reichelt AUT
2009 World Kucera CAN Cuche SUI
2009 World Cup Walchhofer AUT Svindal NOR
2010 Olympics Defago SUI Svindal NOR
2010 World Cup Cuche SUI Guay CAN
2011 World Guay CAN Innerhofer ITA
2011 World Cup Cuche SUI Cuche SUI
2012 World Cup Kroell AUT Svindal NOR
2013 World Svindal NOR Ligety USA
2013 World Cup Svindal
NOR Svindal NOR
2014 Olympics Mayer M. AUT Jansrud NOR
2014 World Cup Svindal NOR Svindal NOR
2015 World Kueng SUI Reichelt AUT
2015 World Cup Jansrud NOR Jansrud NOR
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World Cup
Svindal NOR
World Cup
Fill ITA