Butterfly - Men          
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1960 Olympics       Troy USA
1962 European       Kuzmin URS
1962 Commonwealth     Berry AUS Berry AUS
1964 Olympics       Berry AUS
1966 European       Kuzmin URS
1966 Commonwealth     Jacks CAN Gerrard NZL
1968 Olympics     Russell USA Robie USA
1970 European     Lampe FDR Poser DDR
1970 Commonwealth     MacDonald CAN Arusoo CAN
1972 Olympics     Spitz USA Spitz USA
1973 World     Robertson CAN Backhaus USA
1974 European     Pyttel DDR Hargitay HUN
1974 Commonwealth     Rogers AUS Brinkley GBR
1975 World     Jagenburg USA Forrester USA
1976 Olympics     Vogel USA Bruner USA
1977 European     Pyttel DDR Kraus FDR
1978 Commonwealth     Thompson CAN Nagy CAN
1978 World     Bottom USA Bruner USA
1980 Olympics     Ardvidsson SWE Fesenko URS
1981 European     Markovskiy URS Gross FDR
1982 Commonwealth     Thompson CAN Hubble GBR
1982 World     Gribble USA Gross FDR
1983 European     Gross FDR Gross FDR
1984 Olympics     Gross FDR Sieben AUS
1985 European     Gross FDR Gross FDR
1985 Pan Pacific     Morales USA Mosse NZL
1986 Commonwealth     Jameson GBR Mosse NZL
1986 World     Morales USA Gross FDR
1987 European     Jameson GBR Gross FDR
1987 Pan Pacific     Morales USA Stewart USA
1988 Olympics     Nesty SUR Gross FDR
1989 European     Szukala POL Darnyi HUN
1989 Pan Pacific     Nesty SUR Stewart USA
1990 Commonwealth     Baildon AUS Mosse NZL
1991 European     Kulikov URS Esposito FRA
1991 Pan Pacific     Biondi USA Stewart USA
1991 World     Nesty SUR Stewart USA
1992 Olympics     Morales USA Stewart USA
1993 European     Pankratov RUS Pankratov RUS
1993 Pan Pacific     Henderson USA Loader NZL
1994 World     Szukala POL Pankratov RUS
1994 Commonwealth     Miller AUS Loader NZL
1995 European     Pankratov RUS Pankratov RUS
1995 Pan Pacific     Miller AUS Miller AUS
1996 Olympics     Pankratov RUS Pankratov RUS
1997 European     Frolander SWE Esposito FRA
1997 Pan Pacific     Walker USA Taner USA
1998 Commonwealth     Huegill AUS Hickman GBR
1998 World     Klim AUS Sylantyev UKR
1999 European Van Den Hoogenband NED Frolander SWE Esposito FRA
1999 Pan Pacific     Klim AUS Malchow USA
2000 European Hard FIN Frolander SWE Polyakov RUS
2000 Olympics     Frolander SWE Malchow USA
2001 World Huegill AUS Frolander SWE Phelps USA
2002 European Hard FIN Rupprath GER Esposito FRA
2002 Commonwealth Huegill AUS Huegill AUS Norris AUS
2002 Pan Pacific     Crocker USA Malchow USA
2003 World Welsh AUS Crocker USA Phelps USA
2004 European Breus UKR Serdinov UKR Sylantyev UKR
2004 Olympics     Phelps USA Phelps USA
2005 World Schoeman RSA Crocker USA Korzeniowski POL
2006 Commonwealth Schoeman RSA Pini PNG Burmester NZL
2006 European Breus UKR Serdinov UKR Korzeniowski POL
2006 Pan Pacific     Crocker USA Phelps USA
2007 World Schoeman RSA Phelps USA Phelps USA
2008 European Cavic SRB Korotyshkin RUS Drymonakos GRE
2008 Olympics     Phelps USA Phelps USA
2009 World Cavic SRB Phelps USA Phelps USA
2010 European Munoz Perez ESP Korotyshkin RUS Korzeniowski POL
2010 Pan Pacific Cielo Filho BRA Phelps USA Phelps USA
2010 Commonwealth Dunford KEN Huegill AUS Le Clos RSA
2011 World Cielo Filho BRA Phelps USA Phelps
2012 European Munoz Perez ESP Cavic SRB Cseh HUN
2012 Olympics     Phelps USA Le Clos RSA
2013 World Cielo Filho BRA Le Clos RSA Le Clos RSA
2014 Commonwealth Proud GBR Le Clos RSA Le Clos RSA
2014 European Manaudou FRA Czerniak POL Bromer DEN
2014 Pan Pacific     Phelps USA Seto JPN
2015 World Manaudou FRA Le Clos RSA Cseh HUN

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Le Clos
Le Clos
Le Clos
Le Clos