Vuelta a Espana - Stage Winners  
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  Stage Winner   Yellow Jersey  
Stage 1a TTT   Faema Velez ESP Faema
Stage 1b   Rohrbach FRA Francia Velez ESP Faema
Stage 2   Mahe FRA Faema Velez ESP Faema
Stage 3   Iturat ESP Catigene Mahe FRA Faema
Stage 4   Seynaeve BEL Groene Talamillo ESP Catigene
Stage 5   Galdeano ESP Faema Talamillo ESP Catigene
Stage 6   Soler ESP Faema Seynaeve BEL Groene
Stage 7   Van Meenen BEL Groene Seynaeve BEL Groene
Stage 8   Perez Frances ESP Ferrys Seynaeve BEL Groene
Stage 9   Barbosa POR Portugal Seynaeve BEL Groene
Stage 10   Otano ESP Licor 43 Seynaeve BEL Groene
Stage 11   De Cabooter BEL Groene Messelis BEL Groene
Stage 12 TT Suarez ESP Faema Messelis BEL Groene
Stage 13   Moreno ESP Faema Messelis BEL Groene
Stage 14   Mahe FRA Francia Messelis BEL Groene
Stage 15   Karmany ESP Kas Soler ESP Faema
Stage 16   Company ESP Catigene Soler ESP Faema