Horse Racing      
National Hunt - Chase    
  Martell / John Smith's Melling Chase Massey Ferguson / Caspian Caviar Gold Cup Cathcart Challenge Cup / Ryanair Chase Royal & Sun Alliance / RSA Chase  
  2 mile 4f Chase 2 mile 5f Chase 2 mile 5f Chase 3 mile Chase  
  Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 1  
1960     Dovecote Solfen  (IRL)  
1961     Quite Que  (IRL) Grailagh Cnoc  (IRL)  
1962     Hoodwinked Caduval  
1963   Limeking Some Alibi Arkle  (IRL)  
1964   Flying Wild  (IRL) Panisse Buona Notte  
1965   Flyingbolt  (IRL) Scottish Memories  (IRL) Arkloin  (IRL)  
1966   The Laird Flying Wild  (IRL) Different Class  
1967   Prince Blarney Border Jet  
1968   Tassilo Muir  (IRL) Herring Gull  (IRL)  
1969   Titus Oates Kinloch Brae  (IRL) Spanish Steps  
1970   Simian Garrynagree Proud Tarquin  (IRL)  
1971   Leap Frog  (IRL) The Laird Tantalum  
1972   Arctic Bow Soloning Clever Scot  
1973   Pendil Inkslinger  (IRL) Killiney  
1974   Garnishee Soothsayer Ten Up  (IRL)  
1975   Easby Abbey  
1976   Mickey Seabright Tied Cottage  (IRL)  
1977   Even Melody Rusty Tears  (IRL) Gay Spartan  
1978   The Snipe Sweet Joe  
1979   Father Delaney Roller Coaster Master Smudge  
1980   Bueche Giorod King Weasel Lacson  
1981   Lord Greystoke Lesley Ann  
1982   Observe Dramatist Brown Chamberlin  
1983   Fifty Dollars More Observe Canny Danny  
1984   Beau Ranger The Mighty Mac A Kinsman  
1985   Combs Ditch Straight Accord Antarctic Bay  (IRL)  
1986   Oregon Trail Half Free Cross Master  
1987   Bishops Yarn Half Free Kildimo  
1988   Pegwell Bay Private Views The West Awake  
1989   Clever Folly Observer Corps Envopak Token  
1990   Brown Windsor Garrison Savannah  
1991 Blazing Walker Kings Fountain Chatam Rolling Ball  
1992 Remittance Man Another Coral Repeat the Dose Minnehoma  
1993 Deep Sensation Fragrant Dawn Second Schedual Young Hustler  
1994 Katabatic Dublin Flyer Raymylette Monsieur Le Cure  
1995 Viking Flagship Coulton Brief Gale  
1996 Viking Flagship Addington Boy Challenger du Luc Nahthen Lad  
1997 Martha's Son Senor El Betrutti Sparky Gayle Hanakhan  
1998 Opera Hat Northern Starlight Cyfor Malta Florida Pearl  (IRL)  
1999 Direct Route Legal Right Stormyfairweather Look Like Trouble  
2000 Direct Route Go Roger Go  (IRL) Stormyfairweather Lord Noelie  
2001 Fadalko  
2002 Native Upmanship  (IRL) Fondmort Royal Auclair Hussard Collonges  
2003 Native Upmanship  (IRL) Iris Royal La Landiere One Knight  
2004 Moscow Flyer  (IRL) Monkerhostin Our Armageddon Rule Supreme  (IRL)  
2005 Moscow Flyer  (IRL) Sir  OJ  (IRL) Thisthatandtother Trabolgan  
2006 Hi Cloy  (IRL) Exotic Dancer Fondmort Star De Mohaison  
2007 Monet's Garden Tamarinbleu Taranis Denman  
2008 Voy Por Ustedes Our Vic Albertas Run  
2009 Voy Por Ustedes Poquelin Imperial Commander Cooldine  (IRL)  
2010 Albertas Run Poquelin Albertas Run Weapon's Amnesty  (IRL)  
2011 Master Minded Quantitativeeasing Albertas Run Bostons Angel  (IRL)  
2012 Finian's Rainbow Unioniste Riverside Theatre Bobs Worth  
2013 Sprinter Sacre Double Ross Cue Card Lord Windermere  
2014 Boston Bob  (IRL) Niceonefrankie Dynaste O'Faolains Boy  
2015 Don Cossack Village Vic
Uxizandre Don Poli  (IRL)  
God's Own
Vautour  (IRL)

Fox Norton
Guitar Pete
Un De Sceaux  (IRL)
Might Bite

Balko Des Flos  (IRL)
Presenting Percy  (IRL)

Min  (IRL)


Min  (IRL)