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  Betfair Chase Irish Gold Cup Leopardstown Leopardstown / Ericsson / Lexus / Savills Chase Punchestown  Gold Cup
  3 mile Chase 3 mile Chase 3 mile Chase 3  mile 1f Chase
  Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1
1960       Oberstown  (IRL)
1961       Jungle Cry  (IRL)
1962       Coniston  (IRL)
1963       Arkle  (IRL)
1964       Fort Leney  (IRL)
1965       Clusium  (IRL)
1966       Crown Prince  (IRL)
1967       White Abbess  (IRL)
1968       Herring Gull  (IRL)
1969       King's Sprite  (IRL)
1970       Glencarig Lady  (IRL)
1971       Dim Wit  (IRL)
1972       Ebony Lad  (IRL)
1973       Tartan Ace  (IRL)
1974       Lough Inagh  (IRL)
1975       Fort Fox  (IRL)
1976       No Hill  (IRL)
1977       Artistic Prince  (IRL)
1978       Jack Of Trumps  (IRL)
1979       Jack's The Buoy  (IRL)
1980       Pillar Brae  (IRL)
1981       Owens Image  (IRL)
1982       Single - U - Jay  (IRL)
1983       Whistling Senator  (IRL)
1984       By The Way  (IRL)
1985       Cerimau  (IRL)
1986     Very Promising Over The Last  (IRL)
1987   Forgive 'n Forget  (IRL) Weather The Storm  (IRL) Darkorjon  (IRL)
1988   Playschool Maid Of Money  (IRL) Vulgan's Pass  (IRL)
1989   Carvill's Hill  (IRL) Maid Of Money  (IRL) Carvill's Hill  (IRL)
1990   Nick The Brief  (IRL) Cahervillahow  (IRL) Mixed Blends  (IRL)
1991   Nick The Brief  (IRL) Firion's Law  (IRL) Local Whisper  (IRL)
1992   Carvill's Hill General Idea  (IRL) Second Schedual  (IRL)
1993   Jodami  (IRL) Deep Bramble  (IRL) Fissure Seal
1994   Jodami  (IRL) Commercial Artist  (IRL) Merry Gale  (IRL)
1995   Jodami  (IRL) Butches Boy  (IRL)
1996   Imperial Call  (IRL) Johnny Setaside  (IRL) Billygoat Gruff
1997   Danoli  (IRL) Imperial Call  (IRL) Noyan
1998   Doran's Pride  (IRL) Doran's Pride  (IRL) Mahler
1999   Florida Pearl  (IRL) Rince Ri  (IRL) Imperial Call  (IRL)
2000   Florida Pearl  (IRL) Rince Ri  (IRL) Commanche Court  (IRL)
2001   Florida Pearl  (IRL) Foxchapel King  (IRL)
2002   Alexander Banquet  (IRL) Beef or Salmon  (IRL) Florida Pearl  (IRL)
2003   Beef Or Salmon  (IRL) Best Mate First Gold  (FRA)
2004   Florida Pearl  (IRL) Beef or Salmon  (IRL) Beef or Salmon  (IRL)
2005 Kingscliff Rule Supreme  (IRL) Beef or Salmon  (IRL) Kicking King  (IRL)
2006 Kauto Star Beef Or Salmon  (IRL) The Listener War of Attrition  (IRL)
2007 Kauto Star Beef Or Salmon  (IRL) Denman Neptune Collonges
2008 Snoopy Loopy The Listener Exotic Dancer Neptune Collonges
2009 Kauto Star Neptune Collonges What A Friend Notre Pere  (IRL)
2010 Imperial Commander Joncol  (IRL) Pandorama  (IRL) Planet Of Sound
2011 Kauto Star Kempes  (IRL) Synchronised Follow The Plan  (IRL)
2012 Silviniaco Conti Quel Esprit  (IRL) Tidal Bay China Rock  (IRL)
2013 Cue Card Sir Des Champs  (IRL) Bobs Worth Sir Des Champs  (IRL)
2014 Silviniaco Conti Last Instalment  (IRL) Road To Riches  (IRL) Boston Bob  (IRL)
2015 Cue Card
Carlingford Lough  (IRL) Don Poli  (IRL)
Don Cossack  (IRL)
Cue Card
Carlingford Lough  (IRL)
Outlander  (IRL)
Carlingford Lough  (IRL)
Bristol De Mai
Sizing John  (IRL)
Road To Respect  (IRL)
Sizing John  (IRL)
Edwulf  (IRL)
Kembo (IRL)
Bellshill  (IRL)
Lost In Translation
Bellshill  (IRL)
Delta Work  (IRL)
Kemboy  (IRL)

Delta Work  (IRL)