Horse Racing - Flat  
Major Races  
  Racing Post / Vertem Futurity Trophy Fillies Mile Royal Lodge Stakes Champagne Stakes
  2 - y - o   ( 1 mile ) 2 - y - o   ( 1 mile ) 2 - y - o   ( 1 mile ) 2 - y - o   ( 7f )
  Group 1 Group 1 Group 2 Group 2
1960     Beta Ambergris
1961 Miralgo   Escort Clear Sound
1962 Noblesse   Star Moss King of Babylon
1963 Pushful   Casabianca Talahasse
1964 Hardicanute   Prominer Hardicanute
1965 Pretendre   Soft Angels Celtic Song
1966 Ribocco   Royal Palace Bold Lad
1967 Vaguely Noble   Remand Chebs Lad
1968 The Elk   Dutch Bells Ribofilio
1969 Approval   Domineering Saintly Song
1970 Linden Tree   Seafriend Breeder`s Dream
1971 High Top   Yaroslav Crowned Prince
1972 Noble Decree   Adios Otha
1973 Apalachee Escorial Straight As A Die Giacometti
1974 Green Dancer Grundy
1975 Take Your Place Icing Sir Wimborne Wollow
1976 Sporting Yankee Miss Pinkie Gairloch J.O. Tobin
1977 Dactylographer Cherry Hinton Shirley Heights Sexton Blake
1978 Sandy Creek Formulate Ela - Mana - Mou R.B. Chesne
1979 Hello Gorgeous Quick As Lightning Hello Gorgeous Final Straw
1980 Beldale Flutter Leap Lively Robellino Gielgud
1981 Count Pahlen Height of Fashion Norwick Achieved
1982 Dunbeath Acclimatise Dunbeath Gorytus
1983 Alphabatim Nepula Gold And Ivory Lear Fan
1984 Lanfranco Oh So Sharp Reach Young Runaway
1985 Bakharoff Untold Bonhomie Sure Blade
1986 Reference Point Invited Guest Bengal Fire Don`t Forget Me
1987 Emmson Diminuendo Sanquirico Warning
1988 Al  Hareb Tessla High Estate Prince of Dance
1989 Be My Chief Silk Slippers Digression
1990 Peter Davies Shamshir Mujaazif Bog Trotter
1991 Seattle Rhyme Culture Vulture Made Of Gold Rodrigo de Triano
1992 Armiger Ivanka Desert Secret Petardia
1993 King`s Theatre Fairly Heights Mister Baileys Unblest
1994 Celtic Swing Aqaarid Eltish Sri Pekan
1995 Beauchamp King Bosra Sham Mons Alhaarth
1996 Medaaly Reams of Verse Benny The Dip Bahhare
1997 Saratoga Springs Glorosia Teapot Row Daggers Drawn
1998 Commander Collins Sunspangled Mutaahab Auction House
1999 Aristotle  (IRL) Teggiano Royal Kingdom  (IRL) Distant Music
2000 Dilshaan Crystal Music Atlantis Prince Noverre
2001 High Chaparral  (IRL) Gossamer Mutinyonthebounty  (IRL) Dubai Destination
2002 Brian Boru  (IRL) Soviet Song Al Jadeed Almushahar
2003 American Post Red Bloom Snow Ridge Lucky Story
2004 Motivator Playful Act Perfectperformance Etlaala
2005 Palace Episode Nannina Close to You
        Silent Times
2006 Authorized Simply Perfect Admiral Of The Fleet  (IRL) Vital Equine
2007 Ibn Khaldun Listen  (IRL) City Leader McCartney
2008 Crowded House Rainbow View Jukebox Jury Westphalia  (IRL)
2009 St Nicholas Abbey  (IRL) Hibaayeb Joshua Tree  (IRL) Poet's Voice
2010 Casamento  (IRL) White Moonstone Frankel Saamid
2011 Camelot  (IRL) Lyric Of Light Daddy Long Legs  (IRL) Trumpet Major
2012 Kingsbarns  (IRL) Certify Steeler Toronado
2013 Kingston Hill Chriselliam Berkshire Outstrip
2014 Elm Park Together Forever  (IRL) Elm Park Estidhkaar
Minding  (IRL)
Rhododendron  (IRL)
Best Of Days
Saxon Warrior  (IRL)
Roaring Lion
Seahenge  (IRL)
Magna Grecia  (IRL)
Iridessa  (IRL)
Mohawk  (IRL)
Too Darn Hot
Royal Dornoch