Horse Racing - Flat  
Major Races  
  Coronation Stakes Falmouth Stakes Sun Chariot Stakes Windsor Forest / Duke of Cambridge Stakes
  3 - y - o  fillies ( 1 mile ) 3 - y - o + fillies ( 1 mile ) 3 - y - o + fillies ( 1 mile ) 3 - y - o +  ( 1 mile )
  Group 1 Group 1 Group 1 Group 2
1960 Barbaresque Green Opal    
1961 Aiming High Aphrodita    
1962 Display Tournella    
1963 Fiji Crevette    
1964 Ocean Alborada    
1965 Greengage Pugnacity    
1966 Haymaking Chrona Lucaya  
1967 Fleet Resilence II Cranberry Sauce  
1968 Sovereign Ileana Hill Shade  
1969 Lucyrowe Vital Match Lucyrowe  
1970 Humble Duty Capera Popkins  
1971 Magic Flute Favoletta Hill Circus  
1972 Calve Waterloo Sleat  
1973 Jacinth Jacinth Cheveley Princess  
1974 Lisadell Himawari Sweet Farewell  
1975 Roussalka Sauceboat Duboff  
1976 Kesar Queen Duboff Ranimar  (FRA)  
1977 Orchestration River Dane  (FRA) Triple First  
1978 Sultan Place Cistus Swiss Maid  
1979 One in a Million Rose Above  (IRL) Topsy  
1980 Cairn Rouge Stumped Snow  (IRL)  
1981 Tolmi Star Pastures Home On The Range  
1982 Chalon Chalon Time Charter  
1983 Flame of Tara Royal Heroine Cormorant Wood  
1984 Katies Meis El-Reem Free Guest  
1985 Al Bahathri Al Bahathri Free Guest  
1986 Sonic Lady Sonic Lady Dusty Doller  
1987 Milligram Sonic Lady Infamy  
1988 Magic of Life Inchmurrin Indian Skimmer  
1989 Golden Opinion  (FRA) Magic Gleam Braiswick  
1990 Chimes of Freedom Chimes of Freedom Kartajana  
1991 Kooyonga Only Yours Ristna  
1992 Marling Gussy Marlowe Red Slippers  
1993 Gold Splash  (FRA) Niche Talented  
1994 Kissing Cousin Lemon Souffle La Confederation  
1995 Ridgewood Pearl  (IRL) Caramba Warning Shadows  
1996 Shake the Yoke  (FRA) Sensation Last Second  
1997 Rebecca Sharp Ryafan One So Wonderful  
1998 Exclusive Lovers Knot Kissogram  
1999 Balisada Ronda Lady in Waiting  
2000 Crimplene Alshakr Danceabout  
2001 Banks Hill  (FRA) Proudwings Independence  
2002 Sophisticat  (IRL) Tashawak Dress to Thrill Revenue
2003 Russian Rhythm Macadamia Echoes in Eternity Supremacy
2004 Attraction Soviet Song Attraction Favourable Terms
2005 Maids Causeway Soviet Song Peeress Peeress
2006 Nannina Rajeem Spinning Queen Soviet Song
2007 Indian Ink Simply Perfect Majestic Roi Nannina
2008 Lush Lashes  (IRL) Nahoodh Halfway To Heaven  (IRL) Sabana Perdida  (FRA)
2009 Ghanaati Goldikova  (FRA) Sahpresa  (FRA) Spacious
2010 Lillie Langtry  (IRL) Music Show Sahpresa  (FRA) Strawberrydaiquiri
2011 Immortal Verse  (FRA) Timepiece Sahpresa  (FRA) Lolly For Dolly  (IRL)
2012 Fallen For You Giofra  (FRA) Siyouma  (FRA) Joviality
2013 Sky Lantern Elusive Kate Sky Lantern Duntle  (IRL)
2014 Rizeena Integral Integral Integral
2015 Ervedra  (FRA) Amazing Maria Esoterique  (FRA)
Amazing Maria
Qemah  (FRA)
Alice Springs  (IRL)
Alice Springs  (IRL)
Usherette  (FRA)
Winter  (IRL)
Roly Poly  (IRL)
Roly Poly  (IRL)
Qema (FRA)
Alpha Centauri  (IRL)
Alpha Centauri  (IRL)
Watch Me  (FRA)
Billesdon Brook
Move Swiftly
Alpine Star  (IRL)