Horse Racing - Flat  
Major Races  
  Cambridgeshire  Craven Stakes Royal Hunt Cup  William Hill / Totesport / Golden Mile
  3 - y - o +  ( 1 mile 1f ) 3 - y - o   ( 1 mile  ) 3 - y - o +  ( 1 mile  ) 3 - y - o +  ( 1 mile  )
  Handicap Group 3 Handicap Handicap
1960 Midsummer Night Tudorich Small Slam  
1961 Henry The Seventh Aurelius King's Troop  
1962 Hidden Meaning High Noon Smartie  
1963 Commander In Chief Crocket Spaniard's Close  
1964 Hasty Cloud Young Christopher Zaleucus  
1965 Tarqogan Corifi Casablanca  
1966 Dites Salvo Continuation  
1967 Lacquer Sloop Regal Light  
1968 Emerilo Petingo Golden Mean  
1969 Prince de Galles Paddy's Progress Kamundu  
1970 Prince de Galles Tamil Calpurnius  
1971 King Midas Levanter Picture Boy  
1972 Negus Leicester Tempest Boy  
1973 Siliciana My Drifter Camouflage  
1974 Flying Nellie Numa Old Lucky  
1975 Lottogift No Alimony Ardoon  
1976 Intermission Malinowski Jumping Hill  
1977 Sin Timon Limone My Hussar  
1978 Baronet Admiral's Launch Fear Naught  
1979 Smartset Lyphard's Wish Pipedreamer  
1980 Baronet Tyrnavos Tender Heart  
1981 Braughing Kinf of Hush Teamwork  
1982 Century City Silver Hawk Buzzards Bay  
1983 Sagamore Muscatite Mighty Fly  
1984 Leysh Lear Fan Hawkley  
1985 Tremblant Shadeed Come On The Blues  
1986 Dallas Dancing Brave Patriarch  
1987 Balthus Ajdal Vague Shot  
1988 Quinlan Terry Doyoun Governorship  
1989 Rambo's Hall Shaadi True Panache  
1990 Risen Moon Tirol Pontenuovo  
1991 Mellottie Marju Eurolink The Lad  
1992 Rambo's Hall Alnasr Alwasheek Colour Sergeant  
1993 Penny Drops Emperor Jones Imperial Ballet  
1994 Halling King's Theatre Face North  
1995 Cap Juluca Painter's Row Realities  
1996 Clifton Fox Beauchamp King Yeast  
1997 Pasternak Desert Story Red Robbo  
1998 Lear Spear Xaar Refuse To Lose For Your Eyes Only
1999 She's Our Mare Compton Admiral Showboat Lonesome Dude
2000 Katy Nowaitee Umistim Caribbean Monarch Persiano
2001 I Cried For You King's Ironbridge Surprise Encounter Riberac
2002 Beauchamp Pilot King of Happiness Norton Smirk
2003 Chivalry Hurricane Alan Macadamia Lady Bear  (IRL)
2004 Spanish Don Haafd Mine Ancient World
2005 Blue Monday Democratic Deficit New Seeker Unshakable
2006 Formal Decree Killybegs Cesare Spectait
2007 Pipedreamer Adagio Royal Oath Third Set
2008 Tazeez Twice Over Mr Aviator Fifteen Love
2009 Supaseus Delegator Forgotten Voice Laa Rayb
2010 Credit Swap Elusive Pimpernel Invisible Man Sea Lord
2011 Prince Of Johanne  (IRL) Native Khan Julienas Boom And Bust
2012 Bronze Angel Trumpet Major Prince Of Johanne  (IRL) Fulbright
2013 Educate Toronado Belgian Bill Wentworth
2014 Bronze Angel Toormore Field Of Dream Red Avenger
2015 Third Time Lucky
Kool Kompany
GM Hopkins So Beloved
Spark Plug
Stormy Antarctic
Portage  (IRL)
Franklin D
Doiphin Vista
Zhui Feng
Master The World
Settle For Bay
Lord North
Beat Le Bon

Dark Vision

So Beloved