Horse Racing - Flat  
  Derby 2000 Guineas Oaks 1000 Guineas
  3 - y - o  ( 1 mile 4f ) 3 - y - o  colts  ( 1 mile  ) 3 - y - o  fillies  ( 1 mile 4f ) 3 - y - o  fillies  ( 1 mile  )
  Group 1 Group 1 Group 1 Group 1

1960 St. Paddy Martial  (IRL) Never Too Late  (FRA) Never Too Late  (FRA)
1961 Psidium Rockavon Sweet Solera  (FRA) Sweet Solera  (FRA)
1962 Larkspur  (IRL) Privy Councillor Monade  (FRA) Abermaid
1963 Relko  (FRA) Only For Life Noblesse  (IRL) Hula Dancer  (FRA)
1964 Santa Claus  (IRL) Baldric II Homeward Bound Pourparler  (IRL)
1965 Sea Bird II  (FRA) Niksar Long Look  (IRL) Night Off
1966 Charlottown Kashmir II Valoris  (IRL) Glad Rags  (IRL)
1967 Royal Palace Royal Palace Pia Fleet
1968 Sir Ivor  (IRL) Sir Ivor  (IRL) La Lagune Caerwrle
1969 Blakeney Right Tack Sleeping Partner Full Dress II
1970 Nijinsky  (IRL) Nijinsky  (IRL) Lupe Humble Duty
1971 Mill Reef Brigadier Gerard Altesse Royale Altesse Royale
1972 Roberto  (IRL) High Top Ginerva Waterloo
1973 Morston Mon Fils Mysterious Mysterious
1974 Snow Knight Nonoalco  (FRA) Polygamy Highclere
1975 Grundy Bolkanski Juiliet Marny Nocturnal Spree  (IRL)
1976 Empery  (FRA) Wollow Pawneese  (FRA) Flying Water  (FRA)
1977 The Minstrel  (IRL) Nebbiolo  (IRL) Dunfermline Mrs. McArdy
1978 Shirley Heights Roland Gardens  (FRA) Fair Selina Evistone Spark
1979 Troy Tap on Wood Scintillate One in a Million
1980 Henbit Known Fact Bireme Quick as Lightning
1981 Shergar To-Agori-Mou Blue Wind  (IRL) Fairy Footsteps
1982 Golden Fleece  (IRL) Zino  (FRA) Time Charter On The House
1983 Teenoso Lomond  (IRL) Sun Princess Ma Biche  (FRA)
1984 Secreto  (IRL) El Gran Senor  (IRL) Circus Plume Pebbles
1985 Slip Anchor Shadeed Oh So Sharp Oh So Sharp
1986 Shahastrani Dancing Brave Midway Lady Midway Lady
1987 Reference Point Don`t Forget Me Unite Miesque  (FRA)
1988 Kahyasi Doyoun Dimmuendo Ravinella  (FRA)
1989 Nashwan Nashwan Aliysa Musical Bliss
1990 Quest For Fame Tirol Salsabil Salsabil
1991 Generous Mystiko Jet Ski Lady  (IRL) Shadayid
1992 Dr. Devious Rodrigo de Triano User Friendly Hatoof  (FRA)
1993 Commander in Chief Zafonic  (FRA) Intrepidity  (FRA) Sayyedati
1994 Erhaab Mr. Baileys Balanchine Las Meninas  (IRL)
1995 Lammtarra Pennekamp  (FRA) Moonshell Harayir
1996 Shaamit Mark of Esteem Lady Carla Bosra Sham
1997 Benny The Dip Entrepreneur Reams of Verse Sleepytime
1998 High-Rise King of Kings  (IRL) Shahtoush  (IRL) Cape Verdi
1999 Oath Island Sands Ramruma Wince
2000 Sinndar  (IRL) King`s Best Love Divine Lahan
2001 Galileo  (IRL) Golan Imagine  (IRL) Ameerat
2002 High Chaparral  (IRL) Rock of Gibraltar  (IRL) Kazzia Kazzia
2003 Kris Kin Refuse to Bend  (IRL) Casual Look Russian Rhythm
2004 North Light Haafhd Ouija Board Attraction
2005 Motivator Footstepsinthesand  (IRL) Eswarah Virginia Waters  (IRL)
2006 Sir Percy George Washington  (IRL) Alexandrova  (IRL) Speciosa
2007 Authorized Cockney Rebel Light Shift Finsceal Beo  (IRL)
2008 New Approach  (IRL) Henrythenavigator  (IRL) Look Here Natagora  (FRA)
2009 Sea The Stars  (IRL) Sea The Stars  (IRL) Sariska Ghanaati
2010 Workforce Rafki  (FRA) Snow Fairy Special Duty  (FRA)
2011 Pour Moi  (FRA) Frankel Dancing Rain Blue Bunting
2012 Camelot  (IRL) Camelot  (IRL) Was  (IRL) Home Coming Queen  (IRL)
2013 Ruler Of The World  (IRL) Dawn Approach  (IRL) Talent Sky Lantern
2014 Australia  (IRL) Night Of Thunder Taghrooda Miss France  (FRA)
2015 Golden Horn Gleneagles  (IRL) Qualify  (IRL) Legatissimo  (IRL)
Harzand  (IRL)
Galileo Gold
Minding  (IRL)
Minding  (IRL)
Wings Of Eagles  (IRL)
Churchill  (IRL)
Winter  (IRL)
Saxon Warrior  (IRL)
Forever Together  (IRL)
Billesdon Brook
Anthony Van Dyck  (IRL)
Magna Grecia  (IRL)
Hermosa  (IRL)
Serpentine  (IRL)
Love  (IRL)
Love  (IRL)