Horse Racing - Flat  
Major Races  
  Diamond Jubilee Stakes Haydock / William Hill / Betfred Sprint Cup July Cup Steward's Cup
  3 - y - o +  ( 6f ) 3 - y - o +  ( 6f ) 3 - y - o +  ( 6f ) 3 - y - o +  ( 6f )
  Group 1 Group 1 Group 1 Handicap
1960 Tin Whistle   Tin Whistle Monet
1961 Bun Penny   Galivanter Skymaster
1962 Compensation   Marsolve Victorina
1963 El Gallo   Secret Step Creole
1964   Daylight Robbery Dunme
1965 Majority Blue   Merry Madcap Potier
1966 Current Coin Be Friendly Lucas Land Patient Constable
1967 Siliconn Be Friendly Forlorn River Sky Driver
1968 Mountain Call So Blessed Sky Driver
1969 Tudor Music Tudor Music Tudor Music Royal Smoke
1970 Welsh Saint Golden Orange Huntercombe Jukebox
1971 King's Company Green God Realm Apollo Nine
1972 Parsimony Abergwaun  (Ire) Parsimony Touch Paper
1973 Balliol The Blues Thatch Alphadamus
1974 Saritamer Princely Son Saritamer Red Alert  (IRL)
1975 Swingtime Lianga  (Fra) Lianger Import
1976 Gentilhombre Record Token Lochnager Jimmy The Singer
1977 He Loves Me Boldboy Gentilhombre Calibina
1978 Sweet Mint Absalom Solinus Ahonoora
1979 Thatching Double Form Thatching Standaan
1980 Kearney Moorestyle Moorestyle Repetitious
1981 The Quiet Bidder Runnett Marwell Crews Hill
1982 Indian King Indian King Sharpo Soba
1983 Sylvan Barbarosa Habibti Hahibti Autumn Sunset
1984 Committed Petong Chief Singer Petong
1985 Dayfayna Orojoya Never So Bold Al Trui
1986 Sperry Green Desert Green Desert Green Ruby
1987 Big Shuffle Ajdal Ajdal Madraco
1988 Posada Dowsing Soviet Star  (FRA) Rotherfield Greys
1989 Danehill Danehill Cadeaux Generaux Very Adjacent
1990 Great Commotion Dayjur Royal Academy  (IRL) Knight Of Mercy
1991 Polish Patriot Polar Falcon Polish Patriot Notley
1992 Shalford Sheikh Albadou Mr. Brooks Lochsong
1993 College Chapel Wolfhound Hamas King's Signet
1994 Owington Lavinia Fontana Owington For The Present
1995 So Factual Cherokee Rose Lake Coniston Shikari's Son
1996 Atraf Iktamal Anabaa  (FRA) Coastal Bluff
1997 Royal Applause Royal Applause Compton Place Danetime
1998 Tomba Tamarisk Elnadim Superior Premium
1999 Bold Edge Diktat Stravinsky  (IRL) Harmonic Way
2000 Superior Premium Pipalong Agnes World Tayseer
2001 Harmonic Way Nuclear Debate Mozart  (IRL) Guinea Hunter
2002 Malhub Invincible Spirit Continent Bond Boy
2003 Choisir  (AUS) Somnus Oasis Dream Patavellian
2004 Fayr Jag Tante Rose Frizzante Pivotal Point
2005 Cape of Good Hope  (HKG) Goodricke Pastoral Pursuits Gift Horse
2006 Les Arcs Reverence Les Arcs Borderlescott
2007 Soldier's Tale Red Clubs Sakhee's Secret Zidane
2008 Kingsgate Native African Rose  (FRA) Marchand d'Or  (FRA) Conquest
2009 Art Connoisseur Regal Parade Fleeting Spirit Genki
2010 Starspangledbanner  (IRL) Markab Starspangledbanner  (IRL) Evens And Odds
2011 Society Rock Dream Ahead Dream Ahead Hoof It
2012 Black Caviar  (AUS) Society Rock Mayson Hawkeyethenoo
2013 Lethal Force Gordon Lord Byron  (IRL) Lethal Force Rex Imperator
2014 Slade Power  (IRL) G  Force Slade Power  (IRL) Intrinsic
2015 Undrafted  (USA) Twilight Son
Muhaarar Magical Memory
Twilight Son
Quiet Reflection
Dancing Star
The Tin Man
Harry Angel
Harry Angel
Lancelot Du Lac
Merchant Navy  (IRL)
The Tin Man
US Navy Flag  (IRL)
Gifted Master
Blue Point
Hello Youmzain
Ten Sovereigns  (IRL)
Hello Youmzain
Dream Of Dreams