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National Hunt - Chase    
  Punchestown Champion Chase Tingle Creek Chase Victor Chandler / Clarence House Chase Celebration Chase
  2 mile Chase 2 mile Chase 2 mile 1f  Chase 2 mile Chase
  Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2
1960 Some Other Day  (IRL)      
1961 Fortria  (IRL)      
1962 Highfield Lad  (IRL)      
1963 Scottish Memories      
1964 Flying Wind  (IRL)      
1965 Belle Artiste  (IRL)      
1966 Dicky May  (IRL)      
1967 Ronan  (IRL)      
1968 Black Ice  (IRL)      
1969 Muir  (IRL)      
1970 Muir  (IRL)      
1971 East Bound  (IRL)      
1972 Skymas  (IRL)      
1973 Skymas  (IRL)      
1974 Tingle Creek      
1975 Our Albert  (IRL)      
1976 High School  (IRL)      
1977 Simaroon  (IRL)      
1978 Shining Flame  (IRL)      
1979 Scottish Maid  (IRL) Artifice    
1980 Paddy Bouler  (IRL) Stoppes    
1981 Light The Wad  (IRL) News King    
1982 Light The Wad  (IRL) News King    
1983 Turloughmore  (IRL)    
1984 Travelowen  (IRL) Far Bridge    
1985 Buck House  (IRL) Lefrak City    
1986 Another Brownie  (IRL) Berlin    
1987 Eddie Wee  (IRL) Long Engagement    
1988 Flying Ferret  (IRL) Desert Orchid    
1989 Super Furrow  (IRL) Long Engagement Desert Orchid  
1990 Rust Never Sleeps  (IRL) Young Snugfit Meikleour  
1991 Good For A Laugh  (IRL) Waterloo Boy Blitzkreig  (IRL)  
1992 The Musical Priest  (IRL) Waterloo Boy Waterloo Boy  
1993 Viking Flagship Sybillin Sybillin  
1994 Saraemma  (IRL) Viking Flagship Viking Flagship  
1995 Strong Platinum  (IRL) Sound Man  (IRL) Martha's Son  
1996 Klairon Davis  (IRL) Sound Man  (IRL) Big Matt  
1997 Klairon Davis  (IRL) Ask Tom Ask Tom  
1998 Big Matt Direct Route Jefell  
1999 Celibate  (IRL) Flagship Uberalles Call Equiname  
2000 Get Real Flagship Uberalles Nordance Prince  
2001 Micko's Dream  (IRL) Flagship Uberalles Function Dream Edredon Bleu
2002 Strong Run  (IRL) Cenkos Turgeonev Cenkos
2003 Flagship Uberalles Moscow Flyer  (IRL) Seebald
2004 Moscow Flyer  (IRL) Moscow Flyer  (IRL) Isio Cenkos
2005 Rathgar Beau  (IRL) Kauto Star Well Chief Well Chief
2006 Newmill  (IRL) Kauto Star Tysou River City
2007 Mansony  (IRL) Twist Magic Dempsey
2008 Twist Magic Master Minded Tamarinbleu Andreas
2009 Master Minded Twist Magic Master Minded Twist Magic
2010 Golden Silver  (IRL) Master Minded Twist Magic I'm So Lucky
2011 Big Zeb  (IRL) Sizing Europe  (IRL) Master Minded French Opera
2012 Sizing Europe  (IRL) Sprinter Sacre Somersby Sanctuaire
2013 Sprinter Sacre Sire de Grugy Sprinter Sacre Sire de Grugy
2014 Sizing Europe  (IRL) Dodging Bullets Sire de Grugy Sire de Grugy
2015 Felix Younger  (IRL) Sire de Grugy
Dodging Bullets Special Tiara  (IRL)
God's Own
Un De Sceaux  (IRL)
Un De Sceaux  (IRL)
Sprinter Sacre
Fox Norton
Un De Sceaux  (IRL)
Un De Sceaux  (IRL)
Un De Sceaux  (IRL)
Un De Sceaux  (IRL)
Defi Du Seuil

Defi Du Seuil